two feet in colored socks resting on top of an ergonomic foot rest

Painless Ergonomic Foot Rests for Your Workspace

We looked at hundreds of ergonomic foot rests to help you work comfortably at home or at work, and these are some of the best ones we found online.

ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest

While “100% memory foam” foot rests flatten during use and offer little support, our ErgoFoam High Density Foam was engineered with the perfect firmness to provide you optimal support. Click to see current price on Amazon

HUANUO Under Desk Foot Rest

This under desk foot rest comes with 2 different covers so that you can easily replace the cover anytime. One cover has a massage textured surface and the other is a breathable cover. Click to see current price on Amazon

Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest

The advanced memory foam foot pillow responds to the heat of your body to mold perfectly to the shape of your feet to provide “everlasting comfort” and support your plantar fascia, heel, and toes. Click to see current price on Amazon

BRIO Ergonomic Foot Rest

Unlike the traditional, flat or rounded pc foot rest for desk, Brio’s ERGONOMIC TEAR DROP shape cradles your feet in NATURAL SYMMETRICAL ALIGNMENT so it promotes increased circulation and reduced swelling – a wonderful desk stool for feet for reducing fatigue. Click to see current price on Amazon